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Default What if adventure games had remained successful?

It amazed me the other day, I looked in a cupboard to find a stack of PC Format magazines from the 1990's. Flicking through them I saw that almost every issue focused on at least a couple of new big AAA adventure game release. Quite a different story from today's game charts. It got me wondering.

If adventure games had continued to sell well from the late 1990's onwards and companies such as LucasArts and Sierra had continued to make them, what sort of games do you think we'd be playing today?

Do you think the 3D style would have continued and evolved, or we would have gorgeous high-res 2D cartoon or photorealistic art styles? Do you think the genre would have evolved past "point & click" into something new? Would FMV interactive movies have become more popular and a lot of big name actors gotten involved?

Or do you think the current adventure games market is representative of what might have been? While it now makes use of modern computing technology, it is hardly cutting edge as it has no real need to be.

I bet we would have had a great Star Wars graphic adventure from LucasArts by now!
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