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people who have a problem with the pirated version are missing the point.

(before i start this mini-rant id like to clarify i dotn have it, wont be buying it either, and will probably leave this thread in a bit to avoid spoilers, as i dont plan to play it until i have completed the GK games, at which point if it is available and i enjoyed GK i will definitely pay for it)

dtp have seemingly gone out of their way to make it hard for US jensen fans to play this game, there is no way to buy it online, or to import it without waiting weeks. so when people leak it on the web and that becomes their only option, what can you expect.

die hard jensen fans are not going to let themselves play this game without eventually giving the developer the money they deserve, that would make no logical sense.

i know if something like shenmue 3 was coming out, and leaked 2 weeks before the official release i would grab it without thinking. i would then probably buy as many copies as i could sensible afford when it was available properly, because i would want a shenmue 4.

most people are in a similar position here with jane jensen, nobody wants her to stop making games.
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