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Well... Awkward.

I'm both glad that you guys are playing the game, and sad that most of you are playing a pirated version.

So let me just get this straight: I will not let it ruin my "Gray Matter Day" and just stick with the gladness if you intend to buy the retail game when it's out in your region.

I can understand (to an extent) that people having waited for this game for way too long want to play it in as soon as they can, and hence I would not resent them/you to do so... if you please don't pass out on buying it if you were intending too.

Support adventure games, support a possible GM2, and give reasons to the publishers of such games to invest decent budgets in order to deliver the best games possible in terms of quality and creativity.

Sorry I hope it doesn't sound preachy, I'm really asking nicely as far as I'm concerned, but see we all, Jane, us and the other outsourcers, worked pretty hard on getting this game out, and it was for you people, seriously, no one will earn golden jetskis on this one...

And while it has its flaws as some of you as well as the reviews are pointing out, believe me when I say that it wasn't a given that this game was even finished at all, and we really did our best in the given conditions.

So please don't give the industry a reason to dis the game genre that you love, and support it by buying honestly as well as voicing your criticism and praises.

Oh, and have fun, I hope you love the game.

(please don't answer "I will/won't buy it", that's not the point )

edit: just want to say by the way that this is my own thoughts on the matter, and I'm not speaking for wizabox or dtp.

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