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once there's an english version of Unwritten Tales I'll be sure to give it a go. Perry Rhodan was good, especially impressive in that I got into the game very easily despite never having even heard of the comics it's based on before, but not amongst my very favourites. everyone has their own tastes

I'm really lost about the graphical complaints though, looks fine for me (playing in 1280x1024 and not even with settings at max). have you checked your settings? there's a config.exe in the game directory that's easy to miss, or maybe it doesn't look quite as good in higher resolutions?
it honestly wouldn't surprise me for the graphics to be outdated though considering how long it's been in development. take a look at Dragon Age for example, BioWare spent so long working on it that by the time it was ready for release the graphics were rather behind the times, but updating them would've meant having to do a lot more work and delay the release only to potentially run into the same again so they released it anyway and despite the graphics (which are good, just not quite up to some other recent games) it was a huge, huge hit.
graphics aren't the biggest thing, game and story are. if a game has all three then that's great, but if I have to chose just one or two, graphics will be lowest priority

but like I said, GM's graphics look fine to me
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