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Good to see the reviews are solid. I do have to agree with the sentiment that not getting this game out worldwide (digitally at least) is a mistake. The hodge-podge, it's out here-it's out there next month-it's out in the US maybe next year- approach is just going to encourage piracy. Hopefully enough people do appreciate the need to buy this game when they finally can. It's just bizarre that the game is in English but not available through Steam, the Adventure Shop, worldwide digitally through Amazon, etc. And it's bizarre to ponder how long it'll be before the PC and 360 versions are actually available in a store here in the US....oh well...DTP really dropped the ball on distribution for GM. Which is a real shame when you consider how important this game potentially is for the genre. But at least it's out now and so far it appears that the extreme fears about the game's quality didn't hold true.
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