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it has it's good and bad points, but overall it's one of the better recent adventure games
my main criticism is the overly simplified UI. oh how I miss the days when you had multiple options of what to do with items (eg: look at, push/pull, pick up, use, talk to, etc) but now it's usually simplified to "left click use, right click examine". sadly Grey Matter takes it a step further by even eliminating the "right click examine". granted you usually either have to examine it first before it becomes usable or you get what would otherwise be an examine dialogue at the same time as using it, but still, it really feels like you're very limited

also, something else which has become distressingly common in games (not just in the adventure genre) is the inability to name your own saved games. in yee olde days you always had the option to type a brief description, but most games (GM being no exception) just give you a thumbnail screenshot, chapter number and a timestamp, given how often you have to visit the same locations, especially in adventure games, it can make it very tricky remembering exactly where in the game each save is

the magic trick interface is a nice idea though, but the tricks are (so far at least) practically impossible to screw up since you're given very precise and clear instructions on exactly what to do, which almost makes it feel like following a walk-through. thankfully though you do have the option of closing the instruction book and using good old fashioned common sense (or failing that, trial and error. or opening the book again )

apart from that my only complaint so far is a minor glitch on some hotspots that make them difficult to locate, even with the "highlight hotspots" option enabled. considering how bug-ridden most recent games are though, that's pretty impressive

overall, you have no excuse not to get this game. once it's available in your area of course
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