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AdventureTreff review:


+story, charcters & dialogues
+well researched & cleverly integrated facts concering locations & relevant story details
+approximately 15 hours playtime
+good synchronisation (English & German)
+optional challenges, not necessary to complete game
+very good soundtrack (more "Scarlet Furies" than Robert Holmes though)
+artful, atmospheric cutscenes
+3D charecter models, solid basic animations
+nice graphic effects (shadows, mirror, sky animation ...)
+100+ locations (indluding close-ups)


-some obscure, irreproducible triggers lead to ...
-... delayed hotspots
-some cutscenes incosistent with in game graphics depiction of locations/characters
-few noteworthy character model mimics & gestures
-max 20 save slots
-lip-synch is sometimes off (only German version)
-change of scenery - loading screen (ca. 2 seconds)

final conclusion:

it was worth the wait !
pc version superior to console versions (graphics & controls)
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