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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
I'll repeat what others have already said: both the standard edition and the collector's edition have English and German voices. That's what the publisher's shop says, so what more confirmation do you need.
Also the community manager of the publisher wrote in the publisher forum (Link):
The disc dtp releases includes German and English language version.
The box dtp releases (with German and English version of the game) will have a german box and manual.
So the box releases will have the german localization. No word on the german Download versions available at german download distribution platforms yet.

Originally Posted by Ashok View Post
Why the FRELL doesn't dtp just put this game on Steam?
It's not that easy. The publisher that distributes the game in germany doesn't distribute it worldwide. They have partners that releases it in other countries. And these partners obviously are going to release it at a later date. So if the german version contains the english localization they probably talk to their partners first before putting it on a worldwide download distribution platform, in case the partners fear that such a version would harm their own sales. Just speculation of course...
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