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Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
Really? It's a full Jane Jensen game. Pretty much every game she's worked on is very much loved (casual games excluding, I suppose). The Gabriel Knights all were almost revolutionizing.
I don't remember either GK1 or GK2 bringing any fundamental innovations to the genre - nothing that could be captured in a simple description at least. They were huge games, with well-reaserched historical backdrops, and (both personal and popular opinion) with better designed gameplay and storylines as well as more captivating audio-visual presentation than other Sierra productions of those times.

So now, after 11 dark years without any new Jane Jensen adventure games being released, I expect that players will actually turn a blind eye on some of Gray Matter's faults and enjoy it already for the elements every Jane Jensen adventure game has, even if they'll prove to be not as well realized as in GK.

Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
At this point that's all that they can be, aside from the beta-testers and people who've previewed the game, but they aren't talking about expectations but rather experience.
What I meant is I really doubt people have such impossibly huge expectations towards Gray Matter as they claim they have. If anything, it's the opposite - right before the game's premiere they're not as excited as they would like to be.
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