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All this talk about the game having to be disappointing because of some amazingly great expectations (currently in the comments under the preview)...

I don't understand where these expectations were supposed to come from. I'd even question if they are anything more than talk.

In the past there were times when I was severely disappointed by adventure games because of great expectations. For example, when I found out the gameplay of Broken Sword 3 was almost all just pushing crates in similarly looking locations, or when Escape of Monkey Island drastically changed the tone of its series. However, Gray Matter doesn't have this kind of baggage. It neither belongs to a long cherished series, nor was it ever heralded as a revolution in adventure gaming. The game simply took a long time to make and I for one am already very happy and relieved that it got made despite the difficulties. I believe most people are.

My expectations from several years ago, when I read on AG the review of BeTrapped are already completely exceeded by the fact that Jane Jensen was able to release another true adventure game - regardless, if it will be a classic or not.
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