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They have just updated the text, now, Instead of December 2 as European release date, It says:

Thankfully, we just got word that the game will finally be available in France, Spain and Italy on December 2, on PC and Xbox 360. Germany, Switzerland, Austria should be next with a November 12 release (TBC), while the UK will have to wait until February 2011. We still do not know when the game will ship in North America. Here are a few images that were released a few weeks ago so you see what the game is all about.
Update: We just learned that the game will have different release dates depending on the country due to differing production and localization time frames. We edited the above text to give you the proper information.
So It seems that:

Germany, Switzerland, Austria -> November 12 (TBC)
France,Spain And Italy -> December 2
UK -> February 2011
North America -> ???

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