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Whether it is again delayed or not, I think the comparison to DNF is only not very accurate, it's also a bit dumb. The situations are still very different, the time-span very much so, and I understand that someone once made the comparison and that someone agreed, but now it's all just "OMGZ, it's SO DNF! Oh snap!" Yes, yes, we get it, it's taken its time, it constantly gets delayed, a bit like the situation with DNF. Do you think the constant repeating of it will somehow make whoever is responsible (I've never bothered get the hang of it) do something different? Feel bad about themselves? Sheesh, we get it, move on. Say something constructive, seems like 1/3 of the posts is nothing but repeating that all over again, and then there's a delay and "Oh my god! I just thought of a super-cool comparison! This is SO DNF!".

Anyways, seems that something's been screwed up again. Still, it's Schrödinger's cat here: since we can't know if the delay is for a good reason or not and whether it's ever going to be released or not, we can't make any conclusions and can only say that it's either neither or both.
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