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As I implied in another thread, I finished The City... the other day and liked it a lot indeed, even though I can't shake off the feeling that ending an episode earlier (either after a four-episode season, or dividing They Stole Max's Brain into two separate outings) would make a lot more sense.

However, while the series never perhaps reached the highs of Tales of Monkey Island at its best, it was much more consistent. And the finale was worthy, even though controlling beastly Max (while super fun in and on itself) was yet another underused mechanic. But I'd forgive much more for the scenes such as the narrator reveal (I have predicted it since the couple of episodes, but how it was done is what matters!), Satan trying to fix his tarnished image or the post-credits sequence. Hoping a fourth season, if comissioned, picks up the premise of that ending for added hilarity and complexity in both plot and puzzles! (Although it probably won't, for where would that leave the upcoming Back to the Future?)
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