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I've just reached the the "Chapter 1" title card in the demo, ie. I made it through a half-an-hour cutscene interspersed with three puzzles. Don't get me wrong, I like a story-heavy on-rails adventure once in a while, but only if the story is worthy and the puzzles are easy but not lazy. So far the story consists of only cliches and tributes, and of the three challenges one was of "use key on door" level of complexity, one was a dialogue only solvable through trial and error (even if the chosen lines matched what would be said, which they didn't), and the last one... was actually a pretty fun locked-in-a-room scenario, except for one logic hole (I didn't understand why the hero refusesd to put off the light to make one thing, but not the other).

Does it improve later on? Because I am not sure I have the willpower to finish the demo, let alone the full game. Pity; visually the game is pure magic.
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