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Originally Posted by Lee in Limbo View Post
To be honest, while I'll be happy to own it for PC, what I'd really like to see is a port to Wii. That way, I can share it more comfortably with my wife, who prefers adventure gaming in front of the TV (although we've played a number of AGs together on my PC).
Too bad it's not coming to the Wii (at least as far as we know). Still, the Wii is limited to non-HD. From what we've seen of the game in screenshots it's quite handsome. Naturally we'd love to see it in all its glory, and yet that wouldn't be available on Nintendo's console since it cannot go beyond 480p.

I seriously hope they fully optimize the graphics for HDTVs (720p and higher, widescreen) so I can enjoy its beauty on my X360.
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