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For me (I haven't yet decided which I'll get it for), it's simply a matter of comfort - I just generally like it better to play on a console than a computer (various factors there) - and the fact that it's generally just easier to start a console game than a computer game, and that it's - for me - easier to have access to the console than the "preferred" PC.

Or something, it's just simply the preferred gaming platform (and environment generally speaking - and it's more ergonomic too! (-> comfort)). To me consoles are preferable, until they are clearly inferior to the PC (not just because something is made "with PC in mind").

The problem here, however, is whether they have chosen to implement an inferior control scheme where they could've easily done a just as good point & click. I'd rather do the point & click, nevermind them talking (rather questionable, in my opinion) about that difference between console and PC gamers (controlling and directing the characters and whatnot). But still I understand completely if someone wants to play it with the inferior (and who am I to say - I haven't tried it, I've just got a hunch) control scheme on the console, as long as the rest of the game is the same. Heck, I might still go with it as long as it's not completely awful. It's just that much easier on a console...

(Edit): Well, it was pretty much said above while I was writing this... I should say though that I feel that it doesn't require a Wii to make a brilliant p&c control scheme on the consoles. The Monkey Islands show that very well. It's just as comfortable as with a mouse, in my opinion.

And if it's not too expensive, I might as well get it for both. But I'm not at all sure I could afford it...

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