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Originally Posted by PoshFrosh View Post
I haven't seen word yet on a North American release date and I'm impatient... do you think I could order the xBox360 version from Amazon UK (on Oct 29) and play that on my US xBox360? Or are there region and/or PAL/NTSC issues that I should be concerned about?
It's possible. A lot of PAL region games are Region Free and just about every US release seems to be as well but I wouldn't pre-order until it's confirmed. Keep an eye out on the sites that track this stuff (like this one here: and order once it's (hopefully) confirmed to be region free. Personally I very much hope that it is as I really don't want to wait for a delayed US release...

As for problems with PAL vs NTSC as far as I'm aware most of those issues are things of the past related to display ratios/refresh rates/etc that aren't much of an issue with newer consoles and tvs.
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