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Originally Posted by 900Mhz View Post
I think GamersGate got it wrong, it just says not available yet, when clicking the link. The German release date was the 20th, but English language version 17/09. BTW that's what the first reviews tell as the release date as well. Weirdly enough the same Gamereactor site, but in Finnish gave the game a much higher score 7/10. To sum them up, the Danish/English review says that the story is not interesting, the characters are too thin, the game is very easy, but has some illogical puzzles and the game is all and all a bit too confusing. The Finnish review says that the voice acting is beyond horrible, the poorly animated character models don't fit together with the nice backgrounds, some puzzles are illogical, the game is easy, but the story is gripping and the overall atmosphere is excellent and definitely worth getting if you are into adventuring.
So to sum it up: Secret File a Side Story ? LOL.....

I really liked the Demo and the whole Secret Files vibe. I can´t wait enought to play as i wait for Secret Files 3.
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