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Well, this game is a long-time favourite of mine. I won't be joining in the playthrough because I already replayed it not too long ago and have other things going on currently but I will follow the thread to hear what people think of the game and may occasionaly contribute with theories / explanations as topics arise, without giving spoilers.

I fear (but hope i'll be proved wrong) that it might get a bit of a bashing from current gamers. The movement interface is very poor but you get used to it fairly quickly and the interface is very good in all other aspects.

As for the voice acting: I love it. It is probably my single favourite game in that regard. Many years after first playing it (back in 1999 when it first came out) I still find myself saying "who would put pumpkins on a stained glass window?" or "Diagnosis: crazy!" sometimes. I also love the voice acting in Lost Crown, another game that tends to get panned from that perspective so maybe my tastes in this area are very untypical: I like character and uniqueness, not boring 'realism' when it comes to character voices. I find the vast majority of voice acting in games to be bland and uninteresting. I like voices that add to the atmosphere of the game, that fit with the overall ambience (and in a game like this, the ambience is weird) - I could care less whether they sound 'natural' or not. The guy who voices the main character in this game is awesome; I don't want to give spoilers so I won't be too specific but I will say he voices a number of characters in this game and they are all really entertaining. He really goes for it when playing the part. So much of the dialogue and spoken comments is extremely memorable.

Get set for a rollercoaster ride people. This one is special.
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