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Originally Posted by harald View Post
And in addition to that, you can't look at something more than once - as soon as you've used the look option, the "smart cursor" changes permanently into a hand.
Hrm, that's strange. I can look at things more than once. I'm playing the game on my trusty old Win95/98 machine, so there are no patches or XP issues that might have caused that problem for you.

I've played Sanitarium once before and I remember feeling the same way at that time about graphics and interface as being expressed here. Not a problem this time though.

The tower is indeed a creepy place to enter. I find the person who constantly is banging his head into the brick wall deeply disturbing. And the sound it makes really makes me cringe.

Playing the game for the second time I now notice things from another perspective than the first time I played and I realize that the tower-chapter is an introduction (or how to put it) to the rest of the chapters. No need to put that in spoilers I hope since I'm not revealing anything.
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