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OK, played through the first Chapter, definitely shorter then I was expecting!

I agree with others that the control scheme and graphics will take a bit of getting used to for me. It kind of has the feel of direct control (although it isn't really) and an isometric screen (which it definitely isn't) which makes it feel very different from most other adventures.

I think that what it does well (so far) is giving the feeling of being thrown into a completely unfamiliar and strange environment. Everything about this game, including the control scheme and graphics but also atmosphere, voice acting etc. feels unfamiliar and at least a little bit weird and this gives the feeling of a dream, or probably a nightmare. It also bolsters the idea of waking up with no memory in a terrible place - probably doing that better than any other game i've played atmosphere wise. I haven't really even thought about whether the main character is insane and why he is there yet because I'm still bewildered by the setting and atmosphere etc!

Puzzles have been good so far as have cut-scenes. On the whole I don't quite know what to make of the game yet from this quick snippet, but I'm looking forward to playing on and finding out!
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