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Originally Posted by Kurufinwe View Post
Argh. I really wish I could take part in this. But it's really not a good time.
Sorry to hear you can't participate. Maybe you'll be able to catch up later on if you have more time then? I don't know how long the game is, so I don't know how long it'll last.

I just finished the first chapter. First impressions, starting with the bad to get it out of the way:

Interface - horrible. Seriously... you have to hold the right mouse-button to walk? They couldn't afford a path-finding algorithm? And in addition to that, you can't look at something more than once - as soon as you've used the look option, the "smart cursor" changes permanently into a hand. A minor thing, sure, and possibly one that won't affect the game (since you apparently can't skip a line of text that the game thinks you haven't heard yet ), but it irritates me.

Voice acting - pretty bad. The characters either sound incredibly cheesy or incredibly bland. The main character might grow on me, but right now his voice doesn't really add anything to the experience.

Graphics. This is just personal preference, but I don't care much for this graphic style. The characters look like they were made out of toothpaste, or some other shiny and soft material. Marshmallow? And the animations are too quick and... spastic. I can't describe it very well, but I don't like it. It looks like Prisoner of Ice. Which looked bad, I seem to remember.

Sorry for being so negative. It's just that the bad stuff is easier to summarize. (And easier to rant about - especially since it getting late and I'm tired. ) But I really enjoyed playing the first chapter. It was certainly intriguing. I can't say much about the story yet since I really have no idea what's going on. I'm very curious though!

Puzzles were nice, no complaints there. I like that you can review all the cutscenes you encounter. I don't suppose there's any way to turn off the scan lines?

The rest of this post is somewhat spoilerish, so I'll tag it in case people need to visit the thread before they get the game running.

I like the surreal atmosphere. It seems that right now, everything we see is either metaphors or illusions. But I still think the protagonist could react a bit more naturally to some of the things he encounters. I mean, that guy banging his head against the wall? That immediately sent shivers down my spine. Until I clicked on him and got the sarcastic words "Diagnosis: Crazy!" That completely ruined the effect.

How come I always have so much to say in these threads? Here's a quick summary of this post:
Interface is clumsy, voice acting not promising. Dislike the graphic style, but that's just me. I really enjoy the atmosphere and am looking forward to the rest of the story.
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