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That was indeed a completely underwhelming trailer.

However, I'm not even vaguely surprised by this as I don't feel that traditional Adventure Games are suited to trailers anyway (personal opinion of course!).

Game trailers usually try to copy action film trailers by trying to keep it high octane and exciting, or fast paced and scary (horror). This means we get to see glimpses of the cutscenes for some of the more exciting parts. This doesn't tell us anything about the game though, as AG's are not usually fast paced in the way that action games are and so we have no idea about the actual gameplay etc.

Also the cutscenes in Black Mirror just look like a DS game. In my opinion well below par for a PC game.

I'm thinking more of the Black Mirror trailer here to be honest, as the Gray Matter trailer does appear to show a very small amount of in game footage, but as this is just walking through a still environment (which is what AG's generally are - and there is nothing wrong with that) it isn't particularly exciting to see in a trailer.

This sort of trailer just doesn't suit adventure games in general.

I'm all for greater exposure of Grey Matter and other AG's but I don't know who would see this trailer and think - wow I must buy this game.

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