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Originally Posted by Shany View Post
Still, it was a good mix of story, puzzles and comedy.

I like how, similar to Tales of Monkey Island, the focus is not just on the comedy, but also on the characters and the plot.
I agree, the balance between those various elements is near-perfect, and it really makes the game feel like so much more than a sum of its parts. There are still puzzles and jokes that just fail to amuse me, yet everything clicks so well together that I tend not to notice. And while it's a bit preemptive to say that before the finale, from the twists and turns so far I get the feeling the season was planned ahead much more carefully than in Tales of Monkey Island, which is funny, because Sam & Max would've been able to get away with much more random and "out there" plot.

My only serious disappointment about 304 is that, kinda like with hard-boiled-cop-film in the previous episode, the potentially fun zombie-invasion premise is abandoned way too early. (I want someone to develop a Shaun of the Dead adventure game, like, now!) And the ever-more noticeable technical glitches, especially in the Future Visions carrying over present elements they shouldn't - I think Telltale might be too ambitious with with their schedule maybe? On the plus side, I don't know how they've done it, but 303 and 304 were noticeably faster and more stable on my aging laptop than the first two episodes of the season.
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