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Default 9000MHZ I dont know where are you from but the game is coming this 20 of august:

Originally Posted by 900Mhz View Post
From website:

The site you you pre ordered the game from if it was you is a UK site wich means is in the u.k

If you type in internet explorer it will redirect you to the address
And since the site is from the UK the release date there is september.

But if your going to the site of

You will see that the release date in English for all europe is the 20 of august!
Only UK and USA release dates are 17/09/10 for uk and 24/09/10 for usa.
In the pre order page of the game on gamersgate you see:

Release dates:

Europe (excluding UK) - 20/8/10
UK - 17/9/10
USA - 24/9/10

Gamersgate is a site where you buy games and download them directly.
So the official release date for english version is the 20 of august for europe only UK and USA release dates are 17/09 and 24/09.

And is a uk site thats why the release date there is for september.

I cant wait anymore for the game just more 3 days

Again the link for the game on gamersgate you cant buy now only on the 20 of august
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