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Default Im the one who translated the game on my own:

Some of the translation was hand made with my wife and dictionary.
And most of it was with combination of some programs i used.

I also got a private message from one of the ppl woh made the game from germany and he told me they were happy to see the translation.
Since this day the release date of the game gone.

I hope my translation didnt make them to cancel the game release in english since many ppl downloaded my translation and bought the german version of the game. I dont know but since my translation i did there was no any release date anymore. strange.

My translation can be found here: LINK REMOVED - do not repost this

And this is the message i got from one of the ppl who made the game:

First he wrote to me in german:

Bin grad durch Zufall auf dein Video gestoßen und konnte erstmal gar nicht glauben, dass du wirklich _alle_ Texte übersetzt hast. Ich dachte erst, da wäre vielleicht was bei der offiziellen Übersetzung (die durchaus - auch wenn noch nicht offiziell angekündigt - hinter den Kulissen in Arbeit ist, was ich natürlich streng genommen nicht sagen sollte, aber in Anbetracht deiner Mühen einfach mal tue) in die falschen Hände geraten. Wie lang hast du denn dafür gebraucht? Und wie bist du dabei vorgegangen?

Ich werd dass mal den Kollegen zeigen... enthusiastische Fan-Projekte wie deins sind immer mächtig gut für die Arbeitsmoral! )


And then he wrote to me in English:

Excuse me - somehow I took it for granted that you'd speak german given that you've translated all ingame texts of a _german_ game. Now that I learn that you don't I'm even more curious about how you managed to create the english version of all the texts & dialog! :O

I'm one of the programmers involved in creating the game so I know that all the data is easily available in a pretty human (and machine) readable format and easy to modify but my first guess was that some work-in-progress data from the official localisation had gone into the wrong hands! I just thought I'd drop you some lines to let you know that you really impressed me there... Curious to see what my collegues have to say about it when I'm back from vacation. It's great to see how much effort and enthusiasm fans put into creating walkthroughs, reviews, posters or even english subtitles. )

So thanks for that nice surprise and rest assured - an official translation is coming! I'm really impatient too but on the other side I'm glad they (as the developer we have only provided the tools but are not involved in the localization) don't rush it. Part of what made Bout a success in germany is the quality of the dialog, the humor and the great voice acting... there's so much to mess up when not localizing it properly.^^


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