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Originally Posted by DeadWolf View Post
... if it weren't for the Adventure Gamers and GameBoomers websites, and devoted communities like Mix & Mojo, there would be no press at all for adventures.

Which is to say, if I may return to the topic at hand, that I'm hoping Gray Matter will benefit from a strong level of exposure on the web, because it probably won't get any in the hardcore-dominated printed world.
Well, at least the major (= clearly biggest) gaming magazine in Finland (Pelit) covers pretty much all the AGs that come on retail here in Finland, which of course only means the bigger/biggest ones. And they're not very large articles of course (though not that small either - usually about a page with pictures included) but still I'm always happy to see them and they get very reasonable reviews too. And in the end, there are quite a few of them. Sometimes I've even been surprised at what they've reviewed, games I've only noticed mentioned here (of course I don't pay that much attention to games that I don't find that interesting).

Of course I realize Finland isn't that big an area, but that's just to point out that one can't say they don't get coverage at all

Oh, and I very much agree on your second point.
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