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Regarding So Blonde I would a gree on some points. But some things you mentioned never occurred to me. And Wizarbox abviously took some criticism seriously because they improved some gameplay elements with So Blonde - Back to the island.

It looks like you think that So Blonde - Back to the Island is just the console port of So Blonde. But that's not true. It's a completely new game with the same background, but tells the story from a "What would have been happened if Sunny would have stranded on the other side of the island?" perspective. Puzzles and story are 90% different from So Blonde. So they didn't make a console port with new features while the PC version stayed as it was. They made a new game which just wasn't released for the PC because it was especially designed for the consoles.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
It's not a real maze, but you have to traverse it a zillion times to get to the other parts of the island, only to get the message from some drummer or chief to go back where you came from and ask the gardener or the guy in the pub for help, etcetera.
I totally agree on that one. And I think alle people who played So Blonde agree. Therefore Wizarbox implemented a map into So Blonde - Back to the island, so that you could jump to different places at the isle and don't have to cross numerous locations. Additionally the loading times were also shorter - and that even the game has to be loaded from the DVD at the Wii constantly.

Another thing they changed from So Blonde to So Blonde - Back to the island was the german voice actor of Sunny. With So Blonde many people thought the german Sunny voice was unnerving.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Half the time I couldn't get Sunny to run, doubleclicking on exits to skip screens would work only every once in a while, sometimes you had to click on specific spots for it to work.
I think that is the part that might partially connected to the system you've used or connected to certain systems. I remember that there were some situations where doubleclick didn't work. But in these cases always something happened at the location when Sunny passed a certain point. For example Sunny noticed something while running from one point to the exit and made a comment. Or some other characters appeared to capture Sunny. Things like that. So the game blocked exit on doubleclick in these cases so that you wasn't able to miss these comments/events. But apart from these situations exit on doubleclick always worked. So I think either you overlooked the connection to certain comments/events when the doubleclick didn't work or that there was an additional problem connected to certain systems.

So I'm quite optimistic that we don't see many of the things that were criticized when So Blonde came out. Because Wizarbox already showed that they've learned when they made the next So Blonde game. And there's another technical point. Wizarbox took over the development from another developer. And it uses 3D models as characters. So I doubt that they are using the same engine like with So Blonde. From the Previews I've read and some videos I've seen there's a map to travel between different locations and that the loading times are much shorter. But I will probably visit the gamescom next month and DTP is showing Gray Matter. So I have the chance to test it myself and decide if it meets my expectations.
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