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Originally Posted by cbman View Post
For me this looks and sounds too similar to Blackstone Chronicles at the moment.

Also, I have to say that judging by the trailer the scenes are inadequately lit again, as they were in Scratches.

There was so much potential in Scratches that was ruined by some poor game and graphic design elements. This doesn't bode well for the creator actually taking on board criticism from previous games. Maybe there were / are too many uncritical 'Wow, it's so amazing' type comments about Scratches for the developer to actually be aware of what its faults were.

Searching for 30 seconds for a door handle is not fun.

Just please tell me that the gameplay doesn't mostly revolve around phoning a friend and waiting for a letter to arrive again...
While you are entitled to your opinion, Mr. Cordes has been very kind to come here and update us on his new game's development. Many of us enjoyed Scratches and look forward to this one. I just think it's a bit rude to list numerous complaints to the developer like this. I know they appreciate feedback, but it seems odd to voice harsh criticisms while Mr. Cordes and his team are working so hard to give us a great product.
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