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One thing I have to speculate on, though, real fast.

I just bought Scratches myself and am enjoying the little I've played. However, there is one thing that I personally believe all horror adventure games sorely lack. The ability to die. (I'm not sure you can in Scratches but I'm assuming not) It doesn't have to be all the time, and it could work precisely the way it did in say...Nikopol for instance (where you die and restart at the exact spot moments before you died) but....for a horror game, I just feel like some impending sense of POSSIBLE death really changes the game. It's almost like..well, those of you who played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories know that you could literally run from point A to point B without any fear of monster attack and it really reduced the overall fear factor in the game.

Every time I open a door in Scratches I wonder if something is going to come at me, and I'm merely at the exploration part of the beginning. Imagine if something COULD!

So, Agustin, I beg of you! In the future, introduce some kind of death mechanic into one of your horror games ;p. I feel confident that you would be the person who would be able to pull it off in a way that would be pleasing!

PS. The new game DOES look fantastic and I shall definitely be picking it up ;p
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