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Originally Posted by Intense Degree View Post
Seriously Fien, what are the chances of you honestly not getting Gray Matter?
Heh. I have supported the adventure game industry for a very long time, in particular indie developers. You should see the amount of money I spend on adventures and paraphernalia each year. Hell, I even feel a bit guilty when I buy a game like Return to Mysterious Island from Big Fish for $6.99 instead of going to the developer's site and paying over 20 dollars. But there's something about the development, marketing and publishing of Gray Matter that really irks me. I swore I would not spend one penny on this game.* Incompetent DTP doesn't deserve my money and Jane doesn't need it, she sold her soul to the casuals devil ages ago.

So... can I borrow your copy of Gray Matter...?

*post 494 in this thread

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