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Very nice!

Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
I wanted to do something on top of a loop of the original file, but the program I use (GoldWave) seems to not do well with the AIFF format so I can't do anything with that audio.
I posted it in AIFF to make it easier to use the audio (as it's a lossless format, and - next to Microsoft's WAV - as standard as it gets). I'm slightly surprised that GoldWave doesn't handle it. (But after some reading on Wikipedia, I learn that Apple has made a new version of the format that can cause problems for older programs. That would explain it.) For anyone that want a good audio editor, I recommend Audacity. And as it's free, I also find it a good complement to more advanced programs. (For Mac users, there's also the excellent Garageband. I don't think there's a program better at what it does unless you start looking at professional software.)

I have now uploaded the tuba in Microsoft WAV format for those who prefer that.
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