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Originally Posted by ZeframCochrane View Post
To all this I must add, to be precise, that I am by no means prejudiced against pre-rendered enviroments (in fact, it's the opposite). Which is the reason why I loved Scratches. And it's not just about the higher visual quality. I feel that having to stand in certain pre-determined spots add to the sense of dread and terror.
Exactly! This has been discussed quite a bit in the past and, for some reason, the discrete movement adds a lot to the fear factor. I believe that's because the game "forces" you to stand still and explore your surroundings more often, while getting soaked in the atmosphere. Of course I'm by no means ruling out what games like Penumbra do, which take excellent advantage of the full 3D, but I couldn't imagine a Scratches in 3D.

I know my description remains cryptic but we're truly aiming to make the most out of this pseudo-3D. We still have perform many tests to make sure that standard systems can support all that we're intending to do graphically-wise in Asylum but, suffice to say, if it all works out, you better be ready for one of the most engaging and dreadful environments you will ever get to experience.

Sorry, that came out like a marketing blurb
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