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Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
While I (partially) agree with your other posts, these were probably problems related to your configuration.
Yeah, right... I wasn't the only one, you know. Posters here blamed my specs, my antivirus software and now it's my configuration. My PC was only a couple of months old when I played So Blonde. The specs were more than adequate, I disabled my virusscanner, I asked for help. Nothing. Whatever. It couldn't be Wizarbox's fault, now could it. And thanks a lot, that probably means I won't be able to play Gray Matter without loads of problems either, so at this point I'm no longer sure I'll give it a try. You've made my day.

I'm afraid I'm not at the liberty to elaborate as much as you'd like. What I can say is this: while I never had a single problem with long loading times in any version of the game I tried, the last version I had the pleasure to test had extremely quick loading times. Really, really, really quick (I'm talking about scarcely two seconds).
Seeing is believing.

PS: Two seconds isn't all that fast for the next screen to appear. So it was much longer before. No wonder the Polish reviewer complained.

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