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Originally Posted by ZeframCochrane View Post
I couldn't help but compare the secretary's welcome and the "train ride" that follows to a certain other welcome to a certain Black Mesa Transit System....
Ha! Good point, I knew I had heard something familiar before, but couldn't recall where exactly

For know, all we know is:

I myself wonder what Agustin meant. The advantage of pre-rendered environments is that although you have to wait for a long time for the environment to be rendered at the development stage, you get a result which is of higher quality (geometrical complexity, lights and shadows, textures, etc) than what you would get by rendering simpler scenes in real time. The tradeoff for this higher quality is, of course, that you can't roam freely in the environment. So I wonder what he means by "actual 3D", because it wouldn't make much sense to use prerendered environments (no free-roaming) with the same (lower) quality as realtime (actual?) 3D. Adds to the mystery!

To all this I must add, to be precise, that I am by no means prejudiced against pre-rendered enviroments (in fact, it's the opposite). Which is the reason why I loved Scratches. And it's not just about the higher visual quality. I feel that having to stand in certain pre-determined spots add to the sense of dread and terror.
My bad, I somehow missed that part. Sounds interesting indeed, maybe they've come up with a way to add "depth" to the scenes by implementing 3D elements here and there? The problem with pre-rendered backgrounds viewed from first person perspective is that while they are beautiful and oozing with detail, they unfortunately often look "flat", static and rather lifeless.
Anyway, I'm intrigued.

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