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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Other gameplay aspects were bad too: Half the time I couldn't get Sunny to run, doubleclicking on exits to skip screens would work only every once in a while, sometimes you had to click on specific spots for it to work.
While I (partially) agree with your other posts, these were probably problems related to your configuration. I've played through the game two times and I've never had a single problem getting Sunny to run or skipping screens. Never.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
@Andrea. Sorry, but that's not good enough. When was it fixed? After the presentation in England only two-and-a-half months ago? If the load times are an engine problem and Kuru is right, that Polish reviewer could NOT have reported long load times (she also critisized the Xbox pad, btw). Or are you saying she exaggerated?
I'm afraid I'm not at the liberty to elaborate as much as you'd like. What I can say is this: while I never had a single problem with long loading times in any version of the game I tried, the last version I had the pleasure to test had extremely quick loading times. Really, really, really quick (I'm talking about scarcely two seconds).
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