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Originally Posted by flamedrake View Post
You've mentioned "design mistakes" in So Blonde several times now. I haven't actually played So Blonde yet; can you elaborate? The lead designer of that game, Steve Ince, isn't directly associated with Wizarbox and has nothing to do with Gray Matter. What elements that disappointed you in that game do you think will transfer over?
The jungle in So Blonde is your worst nightmare. I don't know or care who thought of it, Steve Ince or Wizarbox. It's the execution that counts and the execution was terrible. One word: pathfinding. It's not a real maze, but you have to traverse it a zillion times to get to the other parts of the island, only to get the message from some drummer or chief to go back where you came from and ask the gardener or the guy in the pub for help, etcetera. Other gameplay aspects were bad too: Half the time I couldn't get Sunny to run, doubleclicking on exits to skip screens would work only every once in a while, sometimes you had to click on specific spots for it to work.

Guys, I honestly don't mean to offend anyone, so don't take it personally, but...

@Kuru. That's not a review. It's a preview, obviously not based on first-hand experience. Has the game been released yet? IF the load problem has been fixed, great. But IF I'm going to play Gray Matter it will be on my PC and I'd really hate to see Wizarbox's PC mistakes fixed in the later console editions.

@Andrea. Sorry, but that's not good enough. When was it fixed? After the presentation in England only two-and-a-half months ago? If the load times are an engine problem and Kuru is right, that Polish reviewer could NOT have reported long load times (she also critisized the Xbox pad, btw). Or are you saying she exaggerated?
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