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Yes, the game is set for March '11 but if a delay means better graphics, I'm happy to wait.

It is true that lighting is off and that affects visual quality, however my problem is more with texture quality. Also the armor I see, is low-poly and I perceive that as "slacking" with graphics. Ok, maybe slacking is maybe too harsh a word to use but I think my point still stands.

They would need to make good textures+change polygons. I don't have first hand experience on how long this usually takes, but if DA2's size is close to DA:O's, it should be quite a bit of work.

Anyhow, Bioware usually keeps me happy with their games and in the two cases I couldn't get into the game, it wasn't because of the graphics. So far they never released unpolished games, so if someone can upscale the looks of a game in 6 months, it's Bioware.
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