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Originally Posted by Roper Klacks View Post
I'm really, really afraid Wizarbox kept the awfull animation from that old trailer, and the load times from So Blond.
There's very little in the way of gameplay videos out there, but Adventure-Treff did sneak a little bit out here. Hard to say much about the visuals of the game as a whole, but the walking animations have definitely been improved from those awful trailers.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
I know I predicted problems with developer Wizarbox, because they made serious design mistakes in So Blonde.
You've mentioned "design mistakes" in So Blonde several times now. I haven't actually played So Blonde yet; can you elaborate? The lead designer of that game, Steve Ince, isn't directly associated with Wizarbox and has nothing to do with Gray Matter. What elements that disappointed you in that game do you think will transfer over?
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