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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Jane Jenson's story must be incredibly good, or I won't even bother to play Gray Matter after all the bad news.
I kinda agree. Technical problems in a game can be completely demotivating and a game breaking experience. I know its hard and expensive to make a game excel in technical aspects, but we don't need a technical masterpiece, just an invisible and competent one. There are a lot of good narratives in games ruined by technical issues.

But i hope everything will be fine, or at least improved by October. If Gray Matter is running in the same engine as So Blond i'm guessing it will be a bit tricky to remove those terrible load times. I'm also worried about the animations, So Blond animations weren't that good either. Motion capture is the way to go, but i imagine its too expensive to even consider. It's really a pity about the lack of funds, Gray Matter should have been the pinnacle of modern adventures, but with no money...

However, i know nothing about game developing and Gray Matter development in particular so i could be scared for no reason and completely wrong
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