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I think (or know) that you still will be able to customize your character in Dragon Age 2. You must be a human named Hawke (last name), you can be male or female, though. You can play as a mage, warrior or rogue.

I have hunch that the story for Hawkw actually either is the human ordinary origin story that was cancelled for the first game, or a part of the origin story for such a character.

I've always looked at the DA universe as sort of the same as the Elder Scrolls Universe (that takes place in the lands of Tamriel) in which Bioware can tell the different stories they want to tell.

And the thread is not about how sexist is it to have a guy as the marketing sign for DA2, it is about why Bioware (and EA) won't market women on the cover of the game - if they did, maybe ne more women buy games like these.
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