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Finally, someone at the DA2 forums posted a complete list of what is officially said about the game, with links. See

So far (9/7/2010):


From the press release:
The main character's surname is Hawke

Hawke survived "the Blight"

Hawke is known as "the Champion of Kirkwall"

Hawke is a "refugee"

DA2's story will span 10 years

DA2 will be released in March 2011 for PC, XBox 360, and PS3

From the forums:

Morrigan is NOT Hawke's mother; Hawke is NOT the "god baby" [Victor Wachter]

Hawke can be male or female [David Gaider], [Mary Kirby], [Chris Priestly]

Hawke is human [Chris Priestly]

DA2 is a single-player game [Chris Priestly]

"More than half" of the Dragon Age left by the time Awakening begins [David Gaider]

"Hawke can, indeed, be a mage." [Mary Kirby]

There will be more DLC and patches for DAO before DA2 is released [Chris Priestly], [Chris Priestly]

No word so far on different editions [Chris Priestly]

From elsewhere:
Kirkwall is located on the southern edge of the Vimmark Mountains, north of Ferelden [this map]

This is all that is known about the game, nothing more, all the rest is what people believe, without any legit source of information, the game will look like.

So far it looks quite promising, I'm just a little disappointed as I hoped for multiplayer.


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