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Originally Posted by Roper Klacks View Post
Like i said earlier i love Mass Effect, but what is the logic to take DA2 into that road.
Personally, I doubt it, Mass Effect uses a shooter engine (Unreal 3) and DA2 using that as well, would mean that Bioware abandons its own engine (Aurora derivatives). I very much doubt they'd stop using and developing their own successful engine.

Dragon Age is indeed a return to the origins of RPG games but this doesn't mean a Baldur's Gate clone with new graphics. As for the combat, the more real-time it gets, without sacrificing tactical complexity, the better imho. When I first played WoW, I was like wow, this is like D&D but real time. Of course in WoW you can have tactics and all that because 25 different people control one character each. If Bioware finds a way to make party-based single player combat even a little more real-time, it would be great but I doubt their plans are to make this an action RPG, just change it a little and make combat a little bit more RT.

Again, this is speculation, we know nothing about the combat, it may just be a promo trick, and the combat stays essentially the same.
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