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Originally Posted by imisssunwell View Post
Another thread saying that Dragon Age will become Mass Effect (for whatever reasons they find this bad)

If people want the exact same experience as in BG saga, the game is there to play... I'm happy to see Bioware not repeating BG with improved graphics and instead doing really new stuff, making their own game world, trying different campaigns there, using their own combat system instead of D&D.
Like i said earlier i love Mass Effect, but what is the logic to take DA2 into that road. The point of DA:O was to return to the old style RPG's like Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect point is to mix RPG with a classic shooter. Each one has a different market so let's not mix them. Dragon Age is supposed to be deep, tactical, with lots of stats, inventory managment, point & click and a full fledge RPG, not a mix, thats why Bioware made DA:O in the first place, and what fans want.

However i'm just speculating, we know nothing about the game, i'm just stating my fears.

Originally Posted by maladroid View Post
Considering that ME2 was a tremendous critical and commercial success, I suppose that it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bioware would try to aim for a similar direction with their other big franchise.
Believe it or not Dragon Age was a bigger comercial success than Mass Effect, so why change it to the same formula as Mass Effect?
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