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Thanks for your feedback guys!

Updated info: Every 'Legends of Aranna' pack already includes the original Dungeon Siege (even though being called EXPANSION PACK in some versions). Therefore I would not recommend buying a double feature of "Dungeon Siege" AND "Legends of Aranna" as it is unnecessarily expensive and kind of futile.
Also I'd like to point out, the older original Dungeon Siege is perfectly sufficient to run U6P (and maybe cheaper). You'll just need the official DS patch (to update DS to V1.11), which can be downloaded HERE and on various mirrors throughout the net.

PS: ...received some minor 'scolding' for the structure of my opening post. I've to agree. I'm no native speaker though, but I'll try to rectify this problem and update the post later today to make it more comprehensible. I hope it'll grant some more insight and properly explain, why this is much more of an independant game rather than a simple MOD. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

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