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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens View Post
Owskie, have you even PLAYED Dragon Age 2 yet? Otherwise you risk being a troll.
Just head to bioware social forums to enjoy more of this. Bioware so far has confirmed (hope I haven't included a rumor in 1 of these),

1) The main character will be a human named Hawke.
2) it's 10 years after the Origins campaign.
3) It won't have multiplayer .
4) The main character will likely be voiceovered
5) The woman under the dragon in one of the two pictures they released is relevant to the story.
6) Origins story will be loosely relevant (they didn't specify in what way) but not directly connected.
7) Hawke is not Morrigan's child

These are posted by Bioware devs in some of the gazilion threads in DA2 forums, can't really dig the links one by one.

Some fans understood:

1) Bioware will destroy DA2 as an RPG.
2) Combat will be like Oblivion.
3) EA plans to destroy the RPG genre.
4) Bioware did this on purpose to destroy the "effort" (lol - it's a game) people put into Origins.

There is also a thread about how sexist it is to have a male and not a female under DA2's dragon on the DVD cover +the voiceovers will probably be for male characters. Another thread saying that Dragon Age will become Mass Effect (for whatever reasons they find this bad), another one on how Bioware keeps letting people down with its games, another thread on how the new (unannounced) combat system is going to destroy RPGs. etc etc.

DA2 forum should be renamed to "2010: the end of rpgs, discuss". I never thought so little information could cause such nerdrage . I have to admit tho, reading all that has been a quite enjoyable experience.

If people want the exact same experience as in BG saga, the game is there to play, you can import you characters, not voiceovered protagonists allow all races & classes to be used as a main character, etc etc. For one, I'm happy to see Bioware not repeating BG with improved graphics and instead doing really new stuff, making their own game world, trying different campaigns there, using their own combat system instead of D&D.

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