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Mass Effect was the only game I even remotley enjoyed from Bioware, unfortunatley I haven't played Mass Effect 2 due to a lack of time.

Anywho, I'm simply stating that the things that are said to be removed from dragon age 2 are the only things I enjoyed about the first game.

Lets look at what I said

"leave it to bioware to take whats good about their games and destroy it"

Situation at hand, theres talk about having removed character customization and the dialogue trees. There is a saying if its good, don't break it. Removing something that worked so well. Wether it ends up being a good move or not has yet to be seen. However, these things being the only things I enjoyed from the first game brings me into the second thing I said.

"it. If this is the case, I'm thinking there is absolutley nothing that would make me interested in this sequel."

Based on the information given to me, I have concluded how I feel about the game development and their decisions at the present time.

I in no way bashed the game itself.

I never even said there is nothing that interests me, I said I'm thinking that there will be nothing. I'm not a Psychic, but with my favorite elements of DAO removed, this is just my logical assumption as a majority of their games havent changed formula too much.
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