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Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
Apparently you need to own the 'Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna' game to be able to play this. Which confuses me since it's called "Ultima 6 remake". Either way, I can't play it.
You're perfectly right! I forgot to mention that in my opening post, I do apologize.
I posted after 28 hours of beta-testing the final 1.0 version - I was hardly able to look straight at that time, nevermind forming coherent sentences. Sorry about that!

It basically is a total conversion MOD - which means they enhanced and modified the original engine, used their own programming routines to add features and created their own art assets.

Don't worry, it is a wholly independent game and has nothing to do with Dungeon Siege other than the CORE of the 3D-engine.

I bought my copy off some bargain bin for 5$ in order to be able to run another Ultima remake called 'Lazarus', which is a remake of the 5th part of the Ultima series (though not affiliated with Archon).

It might be slightly inconvenient, but it would be rather too much to ask for, if people from a strictly non-commercial game project would have to build their own 3D-engine from scratch!
(Besides, you'll get three games for one! 'U5: Lazarus', 'U6 Project' AND DS, that's something, isn't it!)

What did you mean with you can 'free other games' for this?

IMHO, absolutely. I stumbled upon this project by accident just one month ago. After playing it for merely two hours, I was so impressed with all the love that went into every little detail, that I stayed on and became a beta tester. It's a game done by players (even though prof. ones), intended for players. Clearly a work of passion, without any commercial considerations or restrictions.
Honestly, while playing it, you can feel the insane amount of dedication, love and professionalism, that went into the production of this game. Didn't have a similar level of immersion in a loooooong time.

Concerning Team Archon's grasp on the premise and spirit of Ultima:
It even extends on a meta level. They just refused an offer for donation yesterday, saying it'd be far better invested in a breast cancer research project, which they even link on the main website. Official statement.

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