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I'm Polish myself, but here's what I know...

There's the Time Gentlemen Please and Privates developers - Zombie Cow Studios

There are the other studios supported by Channel 4 - for instance the creators of Bow Street Runner, who are currently making a new Channel 4 adventure game together with Kieron Gillen of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

There's Steve Ince who is a freelance game writer after leaving Revolution. He created the Mr Smozzles Goes Nutso indie.

Steve Poulton (aka Calin Leafshade) - developing the McCarthy Chronicles series, now working together with the super-popular indie Australian developer Ben Chandler.

The creators of Rhiannon.

The creators of Barrow Hill.

Jonathan Boakes - the creator of The Lsot Crown and the Dark Fall trilogy.

Finally, there's Mark Richards that's one of the writers on my indie adventure games blog, who is only after the release his first little game, but also he has been long creating the very promising sci-fi The Longevity Gene - to be finished soon.

More names, once (and if) I'll remember them.
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