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Oh, I don't doubt it. I know you tried everything. Tedious, right...? In spite of all your hard work, you never experienced TLE the way it's creator intended it to be experienced, more's the pity.

If I am correct you skip the nightmare event(your own nightmare).
I have no idea what you mean by that. The nightmare is in the transcript, if that's what you're talking about. New additions, things I missed, are of course welcome.

Anyways I believe I heard every conversation because by now I think all 'secret' conversations have been mentioned in both TLE topics. And I have yet to come across one that I haven't encountered myself.
Hardly any "secret conversations" have ever been talked about here.

I admit, there was ONE thing I didn't find out or saw on my initial playthrough. That was the conductor juggling with his head during the nightmare scene. I found that one thanks to Veruncheek.
But that is not considered a conversation.
I bet you never found the other Easter Egg by yourself either, the photo of young Mr. Mechner, discovered by Veruncheek only because she broke into the graphic files.

Owh and about the eunich compartment; I think it is safe to assume no such secret exists, considering that Veruncheek never found a way to enter it. That woman explored every bits(pun intended) and pieces of the game.
I mean....if it existed at least 1 person here should've been able to enter it right?
Yeah? Well, she didn't find the Easter Egg with the three-headed conductor either. What's more, when someone else mentioned its existence (EDIT: on the facebook TLE forum), she seriously doubted it could be true. She was wrong.

Simple elementary, my dear Fien. ^^
Oh sure, Mr. Awsome. To you, that is.

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